Undelete Windows

Undelete Windows

Is it Possible to Retrieve Deleted Files from Flash Drive?

Flash drives are the portable storage devices that can be plugged in to the devices to transfer data. These have few GBs of storage capacity that comes handy. Whether it is a seminar at college, any business meeting or you want to carry some entertainment files, flash drives are the best. You can reuse the flash drive for transferring or storing new data on it. It also has file system as it needs to manage files on it like other storage devices. You have lots of choices of flash drives in the market.

Suppose you want to transfer some data to other PC but there is no free space on the flash drive. Then you need to make some space to accommodate the new data in it. This made you to delete some data on the USB flash drive. After deleting, you realize that you had deleted an important folder also. You do not have any other copy of the files also. In that situation, you will be thinking can I recover deleted files from flash drive? Yes, you can recover the files using recovery software. Windows Data Recovery Software helps you the best to recover deleted files on Windows.

Scenarios in which the files might get deleted from the flash drive:

Unintended Deletion: The files on the flash drive might unintended deletion at times. You will lose your important files if any. If you do not have the backup then you will lose the files forever. In such situation, you need suitable recovery software to get back deleted files from the flash drive. You can restore deleted files from flash drive on Windows using Windows Data Recovery Software effectively. Find here the detail of recovering deleted files.

External Threats: The files on the flash drive might get deleted while scanning it for any threats by the anti-virus application on the computer. The application might delete the files without any notification sometimes. In such situation, you can recover the files using recovery software. Windows Data Recovery Software helps you to recover deleted files flash drive.

Unintentional Format: The format option helps you to clear all the data on the storage drive. Hence it is advisory to take the backup of the important data on the drive. If you format the drive unintentionally then you won’t have taken the backup of the data. Then you can recover the formatted drive using recovery software.

Unsuccessful Cut and Paste: If you want to move the files from flash drive to the other device then you can connect the flash drive to the device. To move you need to cut and paste the files and folders. Sometimes the files will not be completely copied to the destination. Some part of the files will be missing and it is not present on the flash drive also.

Important features of Windows Data Recovery Software:

The Windows Data Recovery Software is capable of recovering files deleted from flash drive. You can also undelete external drives like iPod, memory card, etc. using the software. The software is compatible with the Windows OS and you can connect any external drives on it to recover files from them. You can recover deleted FAT files on the Windows computer easily using the software. To know more click here. The software supports SATA, IDE, SCSI, etc. hard drive file recovery. The software has user friendly wizard. It has powerful scanning mechanism to read different file types within a short span. The software helps you retrieving deleted files from Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. To have practical experience of recovering the data then try the free demo version of the software.

Simple steps to recover deleted files from flash drive using Windows Data Recovery Software:

Step 1: Install the software on the Windows computer. Connect the flash drive to the computer. Run the software and click on "Recover Photos" option. This helps you to recover all the file types on the device. Then click on "Recover Deleted Photos" to recover deleted files from the flash drive.

How to Undelete Files in Windows? - Main Window

Figure A: Main Window

Step 2: Select the drive of the flash drive and click "Next" to scan the drive for deleted files.

How to Undelete Files in Windows? - Select Flash Drive

Figure B: Select Flash Drive

Step 3: After scanning, the files are displayed on the screen of the software. You can preview the files and recover them on the computer.

How to Undelete Files in Windows? - Recovered File List

Figure C: Recovered Files