Undelete Windows

Undelete Windows

Win XP Data Recovery Software

Losing important files and folders due to technical shortcomings is quite common. People around the globe lose their favorite videos or photos because of such data loss scenarios. One such technical shortcoming is boot sector corruption. Are you also facing the same situation? Has important files on your Windows XP system lost due to corrupt master boot record? If yes, then no need to bother, just download Undelete Windows XP on your computer and get back lost files and folders.

Boot sector is an important program on your computer that is responsible for loading files in the memory. If, for any reason, boot sector is damaged, then operating system is not loaded into the memory. Hence, drive or partitions on your computer become inaccessible. Due to this, you are unable to view your precious files and folders resulting in data loss. However, with the introduction of data recovery tools, it is quite possible to recover lost files and folders from the hard drive, even if it fails to boot. You can use these tools to restore hard drive data after file system corruption on your Windows XP system.

Most probably, boot sector is corrupt due to bad sectors on hard disk. Bad sectors, which are created by sudden system reboots or improper system shutdown, makes system log files inaccessible. Therefore, BIOS is unable to load operating system, causing data loss. Apart from bad sectors on hard disk, boot sectors might even get damage due to software or hardware malfunctioning, virus or malware attacks, operating system failure, improper drive formatting, etc. Nevertheless, in all such scenarios, Undelete Windows software will be the perfect remedy. You can download this tool on a healthy computer, connect your hard disk to this computer, and start the data recovery procedure. Within few minutes, you would be able to retrieve data after partition table corruption on Vista, Win 7, or Win XP platform. Whatsoever be the reason for data loss on Windows XP, use undelete Windows tool which never let down user expectations and this advance application enables user to get back deleted FAT partition in few mouse clicks.

Lot of industry and shareware experts over the globe have reviewed and recommended this tool as the best data recovery software available on internet. It facilitates you to recover deleted Windows 7 files with simple mouse clicks. You can recover lost pictures, videos, songs, documents, and much more from your Windows XP hard drive by using this efficient utility. Whether your data is lost due to corrupt boot sector or you have accidentally formatted your hard drive, it would recover lost files and folders in just few minutes. Hence, you can use it to carry out data recovery from Lenovo ThinkPad after format of partitions.

Steps to recover data lost due to boot sector corruption on Win XP

Step 1: Download and install the software on a healthy computer. Then connect your hard drive to this computer as a secondary drive.

Step 2: Open home screen of the software and select "Recover Partitions / Drives" as shown in figure A.

Recover Data Lost due to Boot Sector Corruption on Win XP - Home Screen

Figure A: Home Screen

Step 3: Select the hard drive from the list of logical drives and press "Next" to start the data recovery process as shown in figure B.

Recover Data Lost due to Boot Sector Corruption on Win XP - Select Hard Drive

Figure B: Select Hard Drive

Step 4: Finally, check the list of recovered files as shown in figure C.

Recover Data Lost due to Boot Sector Corruption on Win XP - Recovered Files

Figure C: Recovered Files