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How to Boost Startup Speed of Windows 8?

Windows 8 is famous for its better performance and fast response to the command of users. But, after some time of use it has been found that its performance goes down. Once it happens users start facing a problem of slow start of Windows 8 computer. If you are also one of those whose computer takes a lot of time, then do not worry. It can be solved without any difficulty by making use of one of the popular tool called Remo MORE. This tool has ability to fix this start up problem in Windows 8 without any intervention of human, it has completely automated process that can fix Windows 8 slow at startup.

There are many possible reasons why your computer starts working slow and why its startup time gets increased. Some of the most common experienced problem is as mentioned below

Accumulation of junk files and folders on your system is one of the main reasons why your computer startup speed and performance becomes slow. One more reason which kills your systems ability to perform up to its mark is unnecessary program running in background which consumes a lot of resource. Suppose you have installed many applicationw on your Windows 8 computer which you rarely or never use, then such types of programs contributes a lot in decreasing the speed of your Windows 8.

Unwanted registry is another reason which slowdowns the loading time of your computer. If there is lot of useless registry entries in registry folder of your Windows 8 computer then it does nothing but only affects the Windows 8 performance. Apart from this, if you have activated animation, heavy screensaver and other things even then it takes a considerable amount of memory space and lessens the RAM memory. If there is scarcity of memory on your Windows 8 computer then your applications do not work properly, thus it creates problem in the form of slow speed of system. However, there is possibility that you can improve the performance of your Windows 8 computer by sorting out all the responsible causes within a matter of seconds. If you decide to check all the issues of your Windows 8 then it requires a lot of time and effort. Thus, in such type of situation you should make use of automated tools. To address this problem of users software engineers have come up with a brainchild known as Remo MORE that can easily clean all the junk files and folders in order to improve system performance. It can speed up start up speed of your Windows 8 computer within few clicks of mouse. Its highly advanced, reliable and robust algorithm plays a pivotal role in producing the best and effective result to a question how to boost startup speed of Windows 8 PC.

Fix Windows 8 slow at startup problem using MORE:

Step 1: Download and install Remo MORE on your Windows 8 computer, then launch the tool and select Enhance option from home screen of MORE, after that choose Start –Up Speed Enhancer from next windows as shown in figure 1.

Windows 8 Slow at Startup - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: From this screen, choose Start button to start the speeding process as shown in figure 2.

Windows 8 Slow at Startup - Click Start

Figure 2: Click Start

Step 3: After scanning Windows 8 computer, a list of unnecessary program will be displayed select and delete application which you want to close as shown in figure, After this your Windows 8 Start Up speed will get increased

Windows 8 Slow at Startup - Select and Close Program

Figure 3: Select and Close Program